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Best Price Guarantee

What is our Best Price?

Travelopick Best Price ensures that you get flight tickets at the most economical price available online. Our Best Price icon is the mark of surety that you’ll find the best fares only at You can book your flight tickets with sheer confidence wherever you come across our Best Price icon. It is the assurance that you won’t be able to get a deal better than this anywhere else (on other websites).

How does Best Price work?

In case you find flight fares of the same airline with exactly the same itinerary cheaper on any other website, we will reimburse the difference.

How do I claim the Best Price?

*Terms & Conditions apply.

  1. Book your flight tickets online and make payment immediately on Travelopick website.

  2. Be certain that the cheaper flight ticket that you have found is on other website on which flights for the same airline can be booked.

  3. We shall not take into consideration the lower flight fares found on Travelopick website at a later point of time.

  4. Fill out our claim form available online and submit it within 24 hours of making the purchase.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Best Price Guarantee is only applicable to the flights you book with Travelopick website and is not applicable to any land products, such as hotel, travel insurance, car hire or other services or products which are not concerning flights and are purchased by you via

  • You would need to pay for your flight(s), referred to as the “Purchased Fare” here, in full by either credit or debit card on immediate basis while making the booking. Any alternative to keep the fare on hold without making a full payment while booking flight would not be considered.

  • The eligible flight(s) might be for one way or return flights and need to be functional under the same airline. Four digit numbers are utilized as codeshare services with other air carriers and are not included in Best Price.

  • You would need to adhere to the terms and conditions of the country from where you depart as per your Purchased Fare.

  • On the off chance that you find any air-ticket on some other website (other than at a cheaper cost than the Purchased Fare, then would refund the difference between the Purchased Fare and the Third Party Fare. To be qualified to apply for such reimbursement:

    1. The Third Party Fare must be for exactly the same airline and itinerary as for the Purchased Fare’s, with the same date(s), the same flight(s), the same travel class, the same no. of passengers and the same fare conditions.

    2. The Third Party Fare must be in existence at the same time frame when the Purchased Fare had been booked.

    3. The Third Party Fare must be available in the same currency as of the Purchased Fare and must include all fees, taxes, charges, and surcharges levied while making payment for the purchased fare.

    4. The website on which the Third Party Fare is available must be based out of the same country as of the departure country as per the Purchased Fare. It is advisable that you go through the "Best Price Guarantee", "Contact Us" or similar pages of the said website thoroughly to check that the company is based out of the same country as of departure country of Purchased Fare.

    5. The Third Party Fare must be able to be booked online. Any Third Party Fare which can be viewed but can’t be booked online and paid for will not be eligible for Best Price guarantee.

  • To be eligible for a refund, you need to fill out the claim form available online in English and must get the claim form within 24 hours of booking the Purchased Fare in the time zone of your departure country. You need to take either a screenshot or a print-out which displays the final price inclusive of all fees, taxes and surcharges of the Third Party Fare. may request you to provide the screenshot to help us validate your refund claim. will autonomously affirm the authenticity of the screenshot and will verify any request in its sole discretion that it believes is the result of printing or similar error or is made using fraudulent means or not in good faith. Incomplete forms or any other form of claim will not be acknowledged.

  • will check that your Third Party Fare fulfils all the criteria laid out in given terms and conditions and you will be informed if you are qualified for the refund or not within 72 hours of your claim form submission. will strive to complete the reimbursement process within 15 working days of notification of being qualified for the refund. The decision of will be final and binding and thus, no further correspondence will be entertained.

  • The refund amount will be credited to the bank account of which credit card / debit card or net banking was made use of while making payment for the Purchased Fare.

  • Best Price will not be applicable in below mentioned situations:

    1. To any fare extended outside the public domain or fares comprising special eligibility that includes (but is not restricted to) the third party promotional fares, corporate traveling discounts, affiliates, senior fares, wholesale fares, staff fares, opaque agencies, consolidator, group discounts, family and relatives discount fares, or closed-user group deals;

    2. If any of the Purchased Fare or the Third Party Fare has been discounted by making use of Business Rewards miles, Frequent Flyer rewards, currency of any kind of loyalty program, offers, coupons or any discounts;

    3. If any of the Purchased Fare or the Third Party Fare is a part of a travel package wherein the flight fares are included;

    4. If you have made any request for either a refund or a cancelation of any segment of the flight itinerary or consequently made any alterations to the Purchased Fare;

    5. If Travelopick website, putting in all relevant efforts, is still not able to validate that the Third Party Fare was bookable online at the time and on the date of your claim;

    6. If the departure country as per your Purchased Fare is not proffering the Best Price guarantee;

    7. If you have found the Third Party Fare at a separate time from when you finished making your booking on Travelopick website, even if you didn’t make the payment instantly at the time of booking. Ex., you booked a flight on Sunday and decided to pay via bank transfer. On Monday before making the bank transfer you come across a Third Party Fare at a lower cost. In such case, the time of payment is not considered relevant, but the time of booking holds relevance.

Travelopick website has the right to cancel this “Best Price” offer or change the aforementioned terms & conditions at any point of time without any prior notice.